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søndag den 7. august 2016

My 5th Abandonment

Hi There!

Today I went up to Loekken which is a city in North Jutland quite near the North Sea and about 1½ hours drive from my house. 

My purpose of going there was to meet Karen, our newest member of the family and a real beauty. 

On the way I thought I could spread a little love so I abandonnedd this card at a suitable place where I was certain it would be found rather quickly, and the possibility that it's a tourist who'll find it is big too. 

Loekken is full of tourists during the summer months. I think the motive is quite suitable for this place close to the sea.

This is "Rory Anchors Aweigh" by Lacy Sunshine. I love Rory images, they are so cute.

To me this image implies colours of white, red and blue, so I've coloured her in those and also used backing papers in those colours. 

Having been a girl scout in my childhood I know how to tie a reef knot and of course she should have one of those on the card. I've added melted HAMA pearls.  The white pearls don't melt evenly, so there's a little hole in the middle of them. 

I hope you like it. 

Feel free to leave me a message to let me know, if you like my cards.

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Much love, Kirsten

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