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søndag den 31. juli 2016

I've joined Art Abandonment on FB

Hi there!

I recently joined the Facebook group Art Abandonment which purpose is to spread the love of all kinds of art as random acts of kindness to people all over the world. The group is where we post photos and places of our (or some of our) art projects. 

Projects like cards, coloured stones, small paintings, jewelry and much much more can be abandoned anywhere on the earth for people to find and keep for free. It's basically finders keepers, but if the project found is not to your taste, you can either give it to somebody else, or you can just leave it for somebody else to find and keep. 

It's all done with the purpose of making somebody surprised and happy with their findings. 

If you're lucky this person might respond to the note in the plastic bag and either contact the FB group with a photo/story about their findings, or perhaps send you an email directly if your email is on the note. 

In the FB group files there are several examples of texts for notes. With the permission of a friend, I've adapted hers to myself and I also translated it to Danish. My note have both a Danish and an English version of the text, so if a tourist finds it, he/she will know what it's all about. 

Having been making coloured cards like on  for what, 2 years by now (since Sept. 2014), I have quite a lot of cards in my posession, which I can easily part with. I really would love to send my cards to people on the RAK list in Kit and Clowder, but I cannot afford the huge postage which keeps rising, so I thought this was another great way to separate myself from some of my cards. 

If you're interested in this, please go search the Art Abandonment group, join it and start abandonning your own projects. 

I hope to spread some love with my cards.

Feel free to leave a message to let me know, if you like the cards.

Please join my blog, if you would like to see my projects on a regular basis.

Much love, Kirsten

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